An evening full of love and sharing at San Patrignano community!



San Patrignano recovery community has been a leading reality at the European level since 1978. It is a home for youth who have lost their way, it is a family that helps them find a new life made of self-esteem, dignity, responsibility and enthusiasm. The program in the drug rehabilitation community is offered totally free of charge for the residents and their families and takes an average of 3 to 4 years during which they find their way through a path of selfless love.


San Patrignano community is mainly managed by people who have had similar life experiences, who understand the difficulties related to social exclusion and help residents reconstructing their identity by strengthening the values of honesty, commitment, respect for themselves and for others, solidarity and interpersonal skills.


Visiting San Patrignano is a unique experience itself. You will have the opportunity to get to know closely the rehabilitation and social reintegration model of the biggest community in Europe, talk with the residents who are in the final phase of their rehabilitation programme, listen to their stories about the choices that led them to drugs and how difficult it is to overcome drug dependence. Having dinner in the dining hall means entering the heart of this special place and also taste some of San Patrignano produce cooked and prepared by the residents themselves.


Everyone interested in making the world a better place should experience the results of people believing in potential and human strengths in spite of problems! Join the dinner at San Patrignano community and share the feeling of love and warmth with others!


Pickup and departure: The buses will depart from outside the Conference Venue. Further details will follow.

The social dinner is available to those who have pre-paid to attend this event.

Please make sure that you present your name tag on arrival.


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