The venue is the largest convention center in the country, unique in its design, technology and strong connection to its surroundings. A multi-purpose facility capable of simultaneously hosting numerous events, maximum modularity for congresses and exhibitions, exceptional underground parking amenities, a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

39 rooms, seating capacity for 9,000 and a main room that can comfortably host 4,700 guests. Palacongressi di Rimini can also provide as much as 11,000 m² exhibit space beside the rooms.

It is a large, modern, eco-friendly convention center with an extensive green-oriented program that guarantees energy conservation, harmonious integration with its surroundings and a quality work environment.
The aim is to safeguarding the environment also embraces a reduction in paper and plastic consumption, opting for the use of dynamic video solutions for circulating information. Separate waste collection for recycling and composting and the use of low polluting cleaning products are just some of a wide range of eco-initiatives.





The Palacongressi di Rimini Conference Center is an integral part of an urban renewal plan known as The Greenway: a recreational pathway linking the city to the beach and providing safe and pleasant access to the conference center and city on foot or by bike; it creates a green connection between the Palacongressi, the historical center and the marina.
Some good reasons to choose Palacongressi di Rimini:
 the largest convention center in the country
 Opened in 2011
 highly flexible and functional
 multiple organization of events
 extensive and equipped exhibit space
 easily accessible
 underground parking facilities
 state of the art technology
 quality interiors and furnishings
 areas designed for catering services
 strong commitment to the environment
 Easy logistics: everything is at walking distance:
 Pharmacy 500 m
 Bars 500 m | 700 m
 Restaurants 240 m | 400 m | 700 m
 Tobacco 500 m
 1 km. distance from the city center
 2 km. distance from the railway station
 2 km. distance from the hotels

Environment-Friendly Local Transport
Rimini is alive to the latest developments in technology and the benefits to the environment which these developments can offer. The Riviera is served by a transport network using buses running on white diesel, which reduce toxic emissions by 90% and are 50% quieter too. The result is a more comfortable ride for passengers.
Most hotels provide their guests with bikes, as well as the Municipality with a service of bike-sharing, free of charge. The many cycle paths in Rimini afford easy access to the seaside, the old town, the Palacongressi and into the hinterland.

Green Certification - possibility to have the level of sustainability of your event certificated by a certification company.

FOOD FOR GOOD - from meetings to solidarity
MV Congressi in cooperation with Palacongressi di Rimini offers its clients the opportunity to recover leftover food from their events and donate it to charities.
The contribution of organizers and exhibitors is therefore of major importance: with no additional costs menus are planned which are suitable both for the guests' needs and for the conservation and transport of any leftovers, resulting in a worthy act of social responsibility for the local area.


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