We look forward to welcoming you to the SWESD2020 Conference!


The registrations purchased until now will be automatically considered valid for the new dates, as well as the invoices issued.

If you have already registered for the Conference, you are not requested to complete the registration process again.




Registration fees (VAT 22% deducted)

VAT rate at current rate calculated on the basis of the current taxation upon payment settlement




               Within May 4 2020                    August 31, 2020


    Within May 31 2020 September 30,  2020


(vat included only)

Members IASSW & ICSW

€ 385 + vat 22%

(€ 469,70 included)

€ 468 + vat 22%

(€ 570,96 included)

€ 650


€ 442 + vat 22%

(€ 539,24 included)

€ 550 + vat 22%

(€ 671,00 included)

€ 750

Developing Countries Members


€ 230 + vat 22%

(€ 280,60 included)

€ 328 + vat 22%

(€ 400,16 included)

€ 480

Developing Countries NON Member


€311 + vat 22%

(€ 379,42 included)

€ 410 + vat 22%

(€ 500,20 included)

€ 580

Student Member * 

(up to 31 years) - see below

€196 + vat 22%

(€ 239,12 included)

€ 196 + vat 22%

(€ 239,12 included)

€ 320

Student NON Member*

(up to 31 years) - see below

€ 230 + vat 22%

(€ 280,60 included)

€ 230 + vat 22%

(€ 280,60 included)

€ 360

Field Visit (half day) - July 2November 12,  2020 extra fee, upon availability

€ 25,00 (vat included 22%)


Social Dinner

extra fee, upon availability

€ 60,00 (vat included 10%)



The Registration fee includes: Welcome Cocktail, Access to exhibition and posters, Access to sessions, basic Conference kit, Refreshments and packed lunches, Abstracts downloadable from the website

The official language of the SWESD2020 Conference is English, simultaneous translation will be provided during the Plenary Session.

*For VISA Application Support Letter please see the bottom of this page or CLICK HERE

*For more information on Social Dinner CLICK HERE

Important: Kindly note that Abstract Authors only, in order to have their abstract included in the Abstract Book, are requested to register within the Early Registration Deadline. (May 4, 2020) August 31, 2020 New Early Registration Deadline!


MEMBERS IASSW & ICSW: to register as a member it is necessary to have renewed the membership for the year 2019. Participants who registered at SWESD 2020 that are not in compliance with the payment of relevant membership fee of the association for the year will be asked to settle the difference between members and Non Members registration fee.

NON MEMBERS: Registration fee for anybody not part of the above mentioned association.

DEVELOPING COUNTRIES MEMBERS IASSW & ICSW: Members coming from this list.

*STUDENTS: Students and PhD students up to 31 years old benefit from a discounted fee: they must provide a certificate attesting their status for 2020 together with copy of an ID document along with the registration form.



The participation will be confirmed upon payment receipt. Delegates registering within the EARLY BIRD deadline shall pay for their registration within the deadline. After that date the LATE registration fee will be applied to all unpaid registrations. No exception will be made.



Registration is only valid upon receipt of the payment. The payment will be in Euro currency: it can be made by credit card online or by bank transfer (see below). PAYMENT TO BE SETTLED WITHIN THE END OF THE PROPER DEADLINE (please check registration categories and relevant deadlines in the table above). If you decide to pay by transfer please see details and information below:


ACCOUNT holder: MV Congressi SpA

BANK NAME: INTESA SANPAOLO - Via Gramsci, 6A - Parma (Italy)


IBAN code: IT35 S030 6912 7431 0000 0005 662

Object: participant's name, surname and code 2005 clearly indicated on the bank payment.

Please send a photocopy of the processed bank transfer by e-mail: swesd2020registrations@mvcongressi.it

Please note that bank charges won’t be accepted; bank charges are at the sender's expense. All unpaid bank charges will be charged upon arrival.



Extra EU companies and Institutions with VAT number are exempt from Italian VAT on conference fee. The exemption applies also to the EU companies and institutions who registered their vat number on the internationally recognized Electronic System of VAT data exchange (VIES) – to be checked at the moment of the registration procedure . EU Companies and Institutions that registered their Vat Number on the internationally recognized electronic system of VAT data exchange (VIES) (https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en) are vat exempted in case of EARLY and LATE Registration. Extra EU Companies can be VAT exempt just in case they're able to provide proper fiscal details documentation (VAT Number) at the moment of registration. Extra EU companies must register with Vat Included fee and provide a document stating the validity of Vat number by sending it by e-mail to the Secretariat; after checking the validity of the documentation provided and in case of evidence of proper VAT number, they will be refunded of Vat amount in a second time. Registration Fees are in Euro; VAT rate calculated on the basis of the current taxation upon payment settlement and is subject to change.



For employees of the Italian Public Administration - vat exemption and electronic invoicing.


L'esenzione IVA, ai sensi art.10 del DPR 633/72 - come modificato dall'art.14, comma 10 della legge 24 dicembre 1993, n.537, può essere richiesta solo dagli Enti Pubblici Italiani che considerino la partecipazione dei loro dipendenti al complesso delle attività previste nel programma del Congresso come equiparabile alla partecipazione a prestazioni didattiche quali corsi di formazione, aggiornamento, riqualificazione e riconversione del personale. Per richiedere l'emissione della fattura in esenzione IVA sarà necessario inserire il flag nel campo apposito nella pagina online relativa alla fatturazione e compilare la parte anagrafica corrispondente con i dati completi dell'ente. L'Ente Pubblico dovrà poi inviare dichiarazione alla Segreteria Organizzativa (via e-mail swesd2020registrations@mvcongressi.it) in cui si specifichi che il partecipante per cui viene pagata la quota d'iscrizione è un loro dipendente autorizzato a frequentare l'evento per aggiornamento professionale e nella quale si indichino tutti i dettagli necessari alla fatturazione elettronica. La fattura verrà così intestata all'Ente di appartenenza. NB: prima di procedere con l'iscrizione si prega di voler cortesemente verificare la correttezza dei dati di fatturazione.



When filling out the online registration form we strongly recommend to pay particular attention to the Invoicing page. Before registering, carefully check who the invoice shall be headed to and make sure you have all relevant information:

• header

• address

•VAT code

• fiscal code (for Italians only)

• PO number (if required)

Make sure the invoice details you are going to indicate are the correct ones. In case of requests for data corrections and/or invoice re-issuing due to wrong data submission, the Organizing Secretariat will apply a fee of € 40,00 for each new document re-issued, which shall be paid in advanced.




Cancellation can only be made in writing to the Organising Secretariat (MV Congressi swesd2020registrations@mvcongressi.it).

– Cancellation received within May 4, 2020 August 31, 2020: 70% refund.

– Cancellation received after that date or no notice: no refund.

If for reasons beyond the control of the Organisers the Congress is cancelled, registration fees will be refunded following deduction of unavoidable expenses. No refund will be given in case of no-show, late arrival, unused services, unattended events or early termination of attendance. In case of regular registration and missed participation, the Organising Secretariat will send the conference abstract book upon request of the registered participant. The forwarding of the abstract book will invalidate each claim for reimbursement.

All refunds will be processed after the event




SWESD 2020 Visa Invitation Letter does not guarantee that you will receive a visa. The letter will only state the congress title, dates, location and confirmation of registration fees.

A customised Visa Invitation Letter will be provided once:

• The registration to the Congress has been received

• The payment of the registration fee has been received

Once you meet these two requirements, please e-mail the Congress Secretariat (swesd2020registrations@mvcongressi.it) with your full name, address, date of birth, nationality, number of passport, date of passport issue and passport expiry date. 

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