The IASSW and ICSW are coming together in RIMINI, ITALY for the 2020 JOINT WORLD CONFERENCE - 28TH JUNE TO 1ST OF JULY NOVEMBER 8TH TO 11TH, 2020 with the support of the Italian team which include: Assnas (National Association of Social Workers), Fondazione Assistenti Sociali (Social Work Foundation), Sociss (Italian Society of Social Work) and Figli del Mondo (social enterprise).

Under the title PROMOTE HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS : BRIDGING THE FUTURE, we will discuss how Social Work education, research and practice as well as social policy should move forward:
-finding alternative responses to promote human well-being, so as to enable everyone to become fully integrated in their social life;
-developing actions and policies in order to ensure people’s fundamental rights without losing sight of their abilities and capabilities;
-promoting the development of welcoming and educated local communities, empowered through people' participation.
These alternatives, in accordance with the founding principles of social work and social development, can build bridges between social actors in the community (public institutions. non-profit organisations, for-profit agencies, etc.) with the aim of creating a new network of solidarity.

1. Bridging space: North – South and East – West migration and globalisation require social work to promote human relationships and interactions both within States and between them, especially with reference to migrant populations
2. Bridging time: Social Work AND SOCIAL WELFARE SYSTEMS stand at a crossroads between their historical roots and the future challenges as articulated in the Global Agenda. The role of these system is to help make sense and support social transformation;
3. Bridging between social actors that support social cohesion. Social reality requires DIFFERENT COMPETENCES to promote the transition from “traditional public welfare” to a new “generative welfare system” including community development, civil society, third sector actors, for-profit agencies and other social actors.

WE INVITE YOU ALL, academics, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, users of services, TO PARTICIPATE to this important event and IN NAME OF IASSW, ICSW and to the Italian team




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