Sustainability starts with you, so get involved!



 - Try to book non-stop flights whenever you can: It’s the takeoffs and landings that create most of an airplane’s carbon emissions

 - If you do fly, consider doing so with one of the 30+ IATA airlines who offer carbon offset programs to neutralize the aircraft’s carbon emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects

 - If you decide to drive to your destination and your car isn’t eco-friendly, consider renting a hybrid or electric vehicle

 - Ask if the hotel has a recycling program. If not, encourage them to start one when you leave suggestions on comments cards at check-out.

- Find out what percentage of the hotel’s resources are local. Do they hire mostly local staff? Do they get most of their foods locally, or even grow them on the property?

- Take any leftover soap, shampoo, or toothpaste with you. Unused portions are often thrown away, and you can reuse the plastic bottles in the future.




 - Take showers, not baths. Try to take shorter showers, turning the water off while you lather up, shampoo, shave, or brush your teeth

 - Hang up your towels after each use, which is the universal sign that you’d like to use them again. You don’t wash your towels every day at home, so why do it when you travel? 





 - When you leave your room, always turn off all lights, heat and television. Closing the curtains and blinds can help  keep out the heat of the sun in summer.

- Leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door of your room for the duration of your stay. This cuts down on chemical cleansing agents, electricity used in vacuuming, and the washing of bed linens

- Walk, bike, or use public transportation to get around whenever possible, which cuts down on gas usage and saves you money.

- Return maps, brochures, and other tourist info once you’re finished with them so that they may be reused by future travelers.

- Bring along a small bag and pick up any trash you spot along your walk 



- Buy locally made products, rather than those that have been imported. Items that are flown or shipped in have a much larger carbon footprint

- Don’t buy anything made from endangered plants/animals, unsustainable hardwoods, or ancient artifacts

- Take your own reusable bag when you go shopping 



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